9 thoughts on “ How We Do It (Radio Version) - Da Nayborhoodz - How We Do It / Nayborhood Man (CD) ”

  1. Radio hasn't really changed much in the past 80 years or so. The last "big thing" was the widespread adoption of Frequency Modulation (FM) in the s and 70s. Now a new radio format is set to add features to your radio listening experience: HD stenabanxeuterci.kerttaticonnamagentnarababewa.infoinfo new technology promises higher quality sound, more stations with the same amount of bandwidth and extra information beamed straight to your.
  2. Apr 09,  · “Do radio stations speed up the music they play?” Indeed they do. It might be more accurate to say they can — and some do. WHY SPEED UP SONGS? Two reasons: 1. Slightly faster songs might sound more appealing to listeners. If listeners hear the sam.
  3. Android: Downloading the stenabanxeuterci.kerttaticonnamagentnarababewa.infoinfo app you’ll be able to listen to your favorite stations. Click HERE to download. Alexa: You can access your station by saying “Alexa, play (station name or call letters).”.
  4. Digital radio: all you need to know. Forget about AM and FM, as digital radio (or DAB+) is the way of the future. It features interference-free transmissions, rewind and pause, and track info.
  5. In the s, MTV changed the music scene; today, we have music-related TV series, traditional programs that use new music, cable channels, and even commercials that introduce new songs and artists. Radio stations (sometimes working with recording companies, distributors, promoters, artist managers or retailers) also conduct market research to.
  6. After non-comm, independent artists often turn to small commercial radio stations. In this way, getting songs played on the radio is a bit like stacking blocks. You develop a foundation of plays on non-comm radio, which you use to build up to small commercial stations, .
  7. Programming a radio station is a rather intricate process. There are a lot of factors that go into what songs are played on air. Most radio stations will do music surveys and ask their listeners to vote on what music they would like to hear or do some sort of market research.
  8. Can He Do That? podcast on demand - “Can He Do That?” is The Washington Post’s politics podcast, exploring the powers and limitations of the American presidency, and what happens when they're tested. Led by host Allison Michaels, each episode asks a new question about this extraordinary.

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